Let Condar do the guesswork for you, so you can select the right screen for your fireplace!

Replacing an existing mesh screen?

Just measure the height and width of your current screen (not including hanger rings) and order the same height screen. Condar's hanger rings will add half inch (1cm) to total height.

Note: If the width of your fireplace opening is greater than 40 in (102 cm) or height is greater than 36 in (91 cm), you may need a custom-fabricated screen to achieve the natural drape that most homeowners prefer.

Click here to learn more about custom-fabricated mesh screens.

Graphic showing how to measure the height and width of a screen - being sure not to include the half inch rings in the height

Buying a screen and a rod and valance kit?

If you don’t already have a screen rod installed, we recommend using our Rod and Valance Kit. When ordering both a Rod and Valance Kit and a screen choose a screen size 2 inches (5cm) shorter than the height of your fireplace opening.

Buying a screen and already have a rod installed?

If you already have a rod installed, measure the height of your fireplace opening to the top of the rod. Subtract ½ inch (1 cm) for the hanger rings below the rod, and approximately ½ inch (1 cm) for clearance at the bottom (1 inch: 3 cm total).

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