Fireplace Rod and Valance Kit Installation Instructions

Step 1

Valance Step 1Push adjustable valance extensions all the way inside the central valance to make whole valance its minimum width (31.5 inches).

Step 2

Valance Step 2Align valance in center of your firebox. Be sure front of the valance is flush with outer edge of firebox and that the two center holes face the roof of your firebox. Mark the location of the two holes with a pencil.

Step 3

Valance Step 3Drill two pilot holes on the two pencil marks using a 3/16 inch masonry drill bit. If your firebox has a metal lintel, first drill a 1/4 inch hole through the metal.

Step 4

Valance Step 4Place valance back in the center of your firebox and slide one valance extension outward until it meets the inner wall of firebox. Mark hole at the end of extension with a pencil. Repeat this step for the opposite side valance extension.

Step 5

Valance Step 5 Drill a pilot hole on the pencil marks using the same 3/16 inch masonry drill bit.

Step 6

Valance Step 6 Align valance back in the center of your firebox and secure the two center holes with tapcom screws.

Step 7

Valance Step 7 Slide both valance extensions back to meet either side of the outer wall. Then secure extensions to inner wall of your firebox with tapcon screws.

Step 8

Valance Step 8 Lay out screen panels on a flat surface. Using straight end of the rod and starting at end of panel opposite cool grip pull, begin threading the rod through rings. Be sure to skip the first ring (it will be attached inside the valance later).

Step 9

Valance Step 9 To install right side panel, be sure pull side of the screen is towards middle of the firebox. Then insert straight end of rod through the center rod holder hook farthest away from the right side (It will be a straight line from the rod hook on the end of the right side valance extension). Slide rod through the hook until there is enough room to insert the “right angle” end of the rod onto rod hook at the end of the valance extension.

Step 10

Valance Step 10 Insert the “right angle” end of the rod onto rod hook by sliding it over and then down.

Step 11

Valance Step 11 Once rod is secure, attach the unthreaded first ring onto the rod hook on right side valance extension (This helps prevent the screen from pulling away from the walls of your firebox when in use). Repeat steps 8-11 for left side.

Click here for a printable copy of these instructions.

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